Metal Gear Solid + Lupin The Third = So Awesome

Further proof that anime Lupin The Third makes everything better. Even Metal Gear Solid. Hit the jump for the Lupin The Third opening.

Thanks, muu!

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For reference, this is from the SECOND Lupin the Third series, from 1977-1981. Lupin has been on and off TV for decades, now. Two of the greatest Lupin episodes ever are "Farewell, Lovely Lupin" and "Albatross: Wings of Death", both episodes that were done by Hayao Miyazaki (yes, he of Totoro, Spirited Away and many others).

Miyazaki was also responsible for Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro movie, which is what you would find in the dictionary if you looked up 'WIN'.

Fun Fact: each Lupin series has him wearing a different colored Jacket. In 1971, it was Pink. In 1977, it was Red. In 1984, it was Green. Since then, he's had 18 TV specials, 6 theatrical movies (one live action), 3 OVAs and a bunch of video games.

Lupin was the first 'dangerous' anime, where parent groups in Japan tried to get it banned. Lupin is a thief who smokes, drinks and womanizes (and in the comics, is usually fairly successful at the last). He's also unique in being one of the few anime characters as successful as he is without being a teenager or high school student.

So yeah, I kinda like Lupin. =)