Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden Cosplay: You Have To See It

Normally, we'd slave over a snappy headline to lure you in. Something with "boobs" or "first this or that" or "Haruhi" in the title. But this is Metal Gear Solid 4 cosplay. This is gender-bending Raiden cosplay. It's a hard sell. And you have to see it. Try as we might, our command of the English language is woefully inadequate in describing just how spectacular this particular outfit is in a simple headline. From the neck down, it's fairly banal at first blush. From the chin-up however, it's cosplay brilliance.


Machined visor, lighted LEDs on the headpiece, fits-like-a-glove chin strap, picture perfect wig — we can't even begin to comprehend the starting point on this one or how much it ultimately cost. Unless this is some off the shelf contraption that how somehow escaped us, this is an amazing piece of work. Consider us humbled.

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