The chart on the left represents Konami's video game software sales for the April to June quarter from 2007. The chart on the right? The same quarter from 2008, the quarter in which Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was released. The Kojima Productions game helped boost PlayStation 3 game sales from 1.3% to a solid 57.3% of Konami's total game sales, with MGS4 representing about 56.8% of that. The other sad little .53% of PS3 sales is presumed to include stuff like Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 and Professional Baseball Spirits 4, legacy software. Konami lists Metal Gear Solid 4 sales for the quarter at 3.94 million, just a bit higher than the figure revealed by Sony's Kaz Hirai last month. Sales may have tapered off after the initial push, as the game has already been discounted by some Japanese retailers. Sure, it may not be moving PS3 hardware at a "killer app" rate, but we're pretty sure that Hideo Kojima can continue to do whatever the fuck he wants if he keeps this pie chart tacked up outside his office.