In quite possibly the most bizarre clip of 2009, the cast from Metal Gear Solid 4 improvises a scene in which they're "suffering from delusions of being the characters they portray in the game."

Voice actors David "Solid Snake" Hayter, Jennifer "Naomi Hunter" Hale, Paul "Colonel Roy Campbell" Eiding, Christopher "Otacon" Randolph, and Quinton "Raiden" Flynn do an off the cuff, fifteen minute session for Sadie's Gaming Infection, one that really must be seen to be believed.

Like most improv, it can be painfully awkward at times, surprisingly hilarious in others. There's lots of "Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAAAKE!!!" and "I love puppies" and even more general weirdness. Watch. Or Listen. Then try to figure it out.

Thanks, RazielPrime1!