Metal Gear’s Original Snake Voice Actor Returns For A Car Commercial

Think Konami’s gonna shut this down?

Three years ago, fans were shocked to learn that David Hayter, the longtime English language voice of Metal Gear lead character Snake, wouldn’t be returning to his most famous role. Hayter’s lobbed a few darts at publisher Konami and Snake’s creator Hideo Kojima since it all went down. So it’s a bit of a surprise that he’s doing that signature growl again for a Ford commercial.


There are two Metal Gear-themed spots on the American car manufacturer’s YouTube channel right now. One reunites Hayter with actor Paul Eiding, who voiced Col. Roy Campbell in the Metal Gear series.

I’ll admit to giggling at Snake getting a boner for MPG ratings. I laughed out loud at the Psycho Mantis commercial, though, seeing as how it riffs on the most famous Kojima-ism from Metal Gear Solid 1.

But it’s a little sad to see Hayter pushed to the fringes like this and the whole deal makes one wonder what kind of cash Konami got from Ford to let their IP be used in this way.

Video games. Comic books. Blackness.


I’ve got to say, the Campbell breakdown of the Ford’s specs fits in line with the general setup of the Codec calls from Metal Gear Solid pretty perfectly.

...and having Hayer say, “Fulton extract,” was a nice little jab, too.

That said (and I know I’m inviting criticism here—I don’t really care), fuck Kojima fifteen different times for letting his hard-on for Hollywood replace Hayter with JACK FUCKING BAUER as Snake.

I mean, given the plot of MGS V, I understand there’s room for justification there—but fuck, man. Way to fuck over the iconic voice of the character because you wanted a “marquee” name on your game.

And, of course, fuck Konami for fucking Kojima.

TL;DR: This whole thing is fucked.