'Stache central! Entries are pouring in for out Metal Gear Solid 'Stache Contest. Pictured is an entry from reader Brian A. (not me!). He also sent along fanfiction. Read an excerpt: "The understudies of the patriots have treated me well in attempts to appease me. This includes a visit to the shagohod where I was able to recover some loose wires which I made a mustache out of to resemble Big Boss further because my true stache is not full grown." We'd like to thank Brian A. for that! (And we'd like to thank all the other contestants for not sending fanfiction.) What's going on? Contestants must create and wear mustaches made out of anything BUT hair. Got that? Entries must be of a non-hair mustache, and it must be on the contestant's face. Finalists will be announced on June 12th. That's soon! The winner with get an exclusive limited edition Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden figure. More details here. Send your entry to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. May the best 'stache win!

Hit the jump for two more 'staches.

That's reader DDRFreak5o3's Kojima-stache.


Kotaku Greyfox writes: "I had to do so real Solid Snake sneaking to get this out of my sisters room, it was well worth it for the result."