Metal Gear: From Reject Bin To !

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In 1987, game designer Hideo Kojima turned out Metal Gear. That game, however, originally had a big "rejected" rubber stamp on it.


Kojima today revealed photos of an early version of the game's design document. Metal Gear, it seems, was originally called "Metal Gear (Intruder)." This version of the game never went into production — it's the reject.

In the middle of the design document is a red stamp that reads "botsu" (没), or "rejected". Kojima posted this "discarded proposal" on his Twitter account.

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The story goes that a young Kojima was brought on to take over Metal Gear and tweaked the title so that it focused on escaping.

The game designer also posted hand-drawn versions of a first floor map in Metal Gear, among other, various design docs.

Metal Gear's innovative gameplay would go on to spawn the highly successful Metal Gear Solid series.


小島監督が「METAL GEAR」の前身企画である「INTRUDER (1986)」の没企画書の一部などを公開 [はちま起稿]

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I started playing the original Metal Gear on an MSX emulator, and despite it's old age I REALLY like it.

It's exciting, interesting, and all around good to play.

Altough I'm a huge fan of the series in general, so I'm probably fanboyish towards it.