When Konami announced what games it would be bringing to the arcade AOU expo, there was one glaring omission: Metal Gear Arcade. That looks like it will change.

The original list of games Konami announced for AOU were largely bemani, mahjong and card-type arcade games.

Metal Gear Arcade was announced at last year's E3 in Los Angeles. Konami calls it a "tactical online action" game, and MGS Arcade is a multiplayer networked title with 3D, head tracking goggles...that look like this:


Hot! The game was supposed to be out in arcades last year, but it was not released.

Kotaku contacted Kojima Productions last month to check the title's status, but the developer declined to comment.

The game's official site has now been updated, revealing a placeholder for what appears to be a new trailer as well as the announcement that the game will be at the AOU expo. Sneaky, huh? Perhaps the title will finally slip into arcades this year.


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