Metal Gear 3D, Zone of the Enders Coming In 2012

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Soaking up the adoration of the masses at a Tokyo Game Show stage presentation over the weekend, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima dished out some release information regarding two of his company's upcoming remakes.


First, Metal Gear Snake Eater 3D. It'll be out in early 2012, dashing the hopes of those who thought the game's "Winter" timeframe meant December.

Next up, Zone of the Enders. The HD re-releases of those games will be out in early-to-mid-2012, with a box set of the anime based on the franchise to follow soon after (sometime in the Summer).


Kojima Productions SPECIAL STAGE 2回目の模様をお届け![Famitsu]

(Top photo courtesy of Famitsu)

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Remakes and more remakes. Can we get an original game and stop wasting time on experiences we've already had? Inafune seems to be right after all.