Metacritic Says It Has Removed Rule-Violating Mass Effect 3 User Reviews

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Aggregating website Metacritic says it has deleted some Mass Effect 3 user reviews and will "continue to monitor" what seems to be a unified effort to spam pages for BioWare's action roleplaying game, which hit stores today.


This morning, a large number of Metacritic users gave negative reviews to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC listings for Mass Effect 3. Many of the users appear to have reviewed no other games, apparently creating accounts specifically to give poor marks to the latest Mass Effect.

As of this writing, the user score for each version of Mass Effect 3 is "generally unfavorable" and significantly lower than the critical reception. Kotaku also had some very positive things to say about the game.

In a statement to Kotaku, Metacritic editor-in-chief Marc Doyle said:

We have already removed user reviews which have broken our terms of use. We will continue to monitor user reviews and take the steps needed to ensure our users both comply with those terms and do not have to read other reviews which break them.

We encourage all users to familiarize themselves with these terms and report any abuse they find. Those terms can be found here.

If you spot something which you think is an abuse of those terms while logged into the site, please report it using the 'Report Abuse' link next to each User Review.

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:/ without playing the game (which I will soon). What's aparrently so bad to hate ME3 over? I'd expect this more with games like Call of Duty, but not Mass Effect.