Two Iowan men who were arrested in August of 2015 for apparent gun threats at the Pokémon World Championships were sentenced to two years in prison today in a Boston court.

James Stumbo and Kevin Norton each pled guilty to charges that they’d brought a shotgun, a rifle, and ammunition to the competitive Pokémon card battling event last year. A Boston judge sentenced the two men to two years of prison and a subsequent two years of probation.

A reporter from The Boston Globe, who was at the hearing, reports that prosecutors said Stumbo and Norton had sent threatening messages to other players. Last year we had also discovered a Facebook post from Stumbo with a photograph (above) of the two guns resting on the trunk of his car and the caption “Kevin Norton and I are ready for worlds Boston here we come!!!”

Let that be a lesson to maybe not bring loaded guns to a gaming event filled with children.