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Kotaku readers... ASSEMBLE! There's some off-topic conversation that needs to be done, so please get in this thread and do so! I've gotta split. No time to explain!


Actually, I think I can take a few extra seconds. I'm going to visit my brother, who I usually see about once a year. So, please excuse me. I've left a few interesting things for you to look at and read in the list of links below. Please enjoy.



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Assemble indeed!

Man, I can't wait. I've always like the Avengers more that other parts of the Marvel Universe. They just have a great range of characters and fight some of the best villains in the business. They even go cosmic!

The trailer doesn't really reveal too much. Which is kinda cool, and the camaraderie between the team looks like it will be fun.

So, as no surprise it looks like Loki will be the bad guy. But to what extent does the Cosmic Cube come into play?

I'm kinda disappointed about not having Wasp and Pym though. They're just too important to miss. Also, no Pym means no Ultron which means no Vision...and no Vision is sad...:(

But hey, the Cosmic Cube definitely opens up other possibilities that some tamer movie makers may not have challenged.

Also, The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Hero's (animated) season 2 should be starting back up this month. And that does have Vision, Ultron, Pym, Wasp, Ms. Marvel and also, they sneaked some peaks at the Guardians of the Galaxy! YEEEAAAHHH!!!