Memorize the Fighting Moves of Your Favorite Persona Characters

Perhaps I constructed that headline incorrectly. What it should read is "Memorize the Fighting Moves of My Favorite Persona Character and Five Others", because no one could ever defeat Chie Satonaka. I guess that would have been too long.

Persona 4 Arena comes to North America on August 7, and Atlus is rolling out a series of videos showing off the moves of the all-star cast. Fans eager to fight with their favorites should commit these to memory, perhaps pulling out the old fight stick and pretending to play in preparation.


Fans that would rather just play a real Persona game can curl up with a bowl of popcorn and swoon over Chie.

Flip through the gallery to check out moves from Yu, Yukiko, Yosuke and two characters with names that don't start with Y.






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