In anime and Hollywood movies, you’ll see it: Characters who don’t know how ears work.

This is the “There isn’t an ear there” meme.

Can’t follow? Here, let Ted help:

[Photo: X-Weibo]

Traditionally, the worst offender has been kiddy anime Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro.

[Photo: entermeus]

See what I mean:

[Photo: kirbyshimajiro]

[Photo: vitao]

And before, you say, HEY, tigers don’t talk on phones anyway, my reply is that the animators totally know what’s going on. Case in point:

[Photo: kirbyshimajiro]

Earphones. But yet other characters...

[Photo: AQUAchan99]

[Photo: Saki]

Stop fucking around Pikachu!

[Photo: corobuzz]

[Photo: runakurassyu]

Side-of-your-head muffs?

[Photo: あまのじゃく嗜好]

The Yokai Watch anime seems to be poking fun at this by having Jibanyan using a headset correctly.

[Photo: runakurassyu]

Looks silly, though!

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