Megadeth Hopes NeverDead Kicks Your Ass

In Never Dead, you can rip off your head and then throw it. In real life, you cannot do this. Well, at least I don't think you can.


In real life, you can listen to Megadeth, and if you are buying NeverDead, you'll be doing just that because the band wrote the game's theme song, cleverly titled "NeverDead". I wonder where they came up with that title. I really do.

Do check out the latest NeverDead screenshots.

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I want to like this game... The monsters look cool, and the concept of using your limbs as weapons (like throwing your arm with the gun firing as sort of a frag grenade) is cool...

But the characters are really uninteresting and the gameplay looks pretty ho hum. Maybe if they spent more time showing us how it plays, rather than how badass they think it is?