According to Pokémon news website Serebii, earlier today the official Korean Pokémon website uploaded pictures of two surprising mega Pokémon: Mega Slowbro, and Mega Audino (pictured above). While the images are no longer on the Korean website, the internet was quick to save the pictures—and have taken to social media to poke fun at mega Slowbrow.

First, some specifics about this 'mon.

"Energy was focused in the Shellder biting Slowbro's tail, and the result was that the hardness of the shell increased and it became an immensely hard suit of armor that can be damaged by no one," Serebii says. Accordingly, mega Slowbro has high defense and special defense. "When the battle begins Mega Slowbro uses its tail to stand up straight and it propels itself like a spring."


Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about this Pokemon's design. This is normal Slowbro:

Look how happy it is. I mean, sure, there's a Shellder attached to its tail, but still, it's all good!

Now compare to mega Slowbro's face.

That's the face of regret. The face of panic. The face of sadness. Slowbro doesn't know what's happening or why it's happening to him. The Shellder is straight up overtaking its body, ack! It's incredible and kind of WTF. I think the internet feels similarly about it:

And yes, people have definitely started to make fan-art and photoshops of mega Slowbro, too. Most riff off the idea that Slowbro is being eaten alive, or is crying out for help. It's hilarious.

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What about you, what do you think about mega Slowbro?

P.S., if you're interested in the other mega leaked today, here's what Serebii has to say about mega Audino: "It has boosted Defense and Special Defense. Whoever comes into contact with its hand falls into a deep slumber."

You can check out more screenshots of both megas here.