Mega Man Does Not Fake the Funk

Some days I'm in the mood for video game soundtracks and all days, I am in the mood for some free tunes. Swedish artist Lie M-f B satisfies both with a new cover of a Mega Man 4's Dive Man theme this past week, and if you haven't discovered his work yet, you can also grab two full albums of music for the low low price of nothing. The video above is a sample of earlier work, a funk remix of the Wood Man theme from Mega Man 2.Sky Diver, Inside Her, the Dive Man remake, is a pop-guitar departure from Lie's 14-track funk-remix collection Nintendosploitation (2005) — a very listenable collection you could easily play in front of non-video game friends, like it's the Folger's crystals of funk. His first album, Sex, Drugs and Nintendo (2004) was a more straight-up rock interpretation of NES chiptones. All the songs are free on Lie M-f B's Web site. The Mega Man franchise is far and away the most covered, but Lie delves into Duck Tales, Gun.Smoke, Zelda and even Excitebike. Sex, Drugs and Nintendo [via Siliconera and GoNintendo]



I still think that the best Mega Man music group is Dream Theater. I swear every song I've listened to sounds like a Mega Man level, and you can even hear the boss bottles mixed in the songs somewhere. It's pretty fun.