As spotted by Rockman Corner, clothing and costume store has revealed a new, official pair of Mega Man slippers that turn your feet into giant blue boots. These newly announced slippers look like fluffy (and probably warm) recreations of Mega Man’s famous boots from his classic series look. The slippers also include a nice detail: Red dots on the bottom of each slipper that reflect similar details found in-game. On the sides of the slippers, you can also spot 8-bit sprites and the Mega Man logo, which aren’t details seen on his boots in the games, but are still nice to include.


These slippers will be released on June 23 in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes and will cost $30.

If you want something Mega Man-themed that you can wear out on the street, Fun also announced a new pair of Mega Man sneakers. These will be available in sizes 6-13 and are set to release on August 14 for $60.

Finally, you can run around the park or go to the grocery store with shoes that have Mega Man’s head attached to them like you recently killed the poor bastard and want to show off your trophy.