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Mega Man 9 XBLA Arrives Tomorrow

Illustration for article titled Mega Man 9 XBLA Arrives Tomorrow

Where's Mega Man 9? It's out on the Wii. It's out on the PS3. But the 360 version is, strangely, nowhere to be seen. But worry not, 360-owning retro fetishists; it's on its way. Indeed, its on its way right now, with Microsoft's Larry Hryb announcing that the game will be out "tomorrow". Tomorrow being October 1. Get on it, Mega Man fans.


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here's a warning to those who havent yet played it: no one's fucking kidding about the unforgiving challenge. its awesome, in that it shits on your declining gaming skills.

which is to say, dante must die mode etc are hard but doable if you stick with them. there are parts of this i do not know can be beaten by anyone shy of The Wizard himself.