Mega Man 9: WiiWare ONLY - False alarm. Please, go ahead and disregard this morning's post regarding Mega Man 9 being available for the PSN and XBLA. Capcom have since removed those listings from their E3 lineup (calling it "a mistake"), and have confirmed the game will only be appearing on the Wii.




@WordMan: Are you suggesting the graphics are poor because its on the Wii...or that it's on the Wii because its graphics are poor?

I could see Capcom going to MS and Sony (especially Sony) and getting turned away at the door for daring to suggest that a brand new game in a big name franchise come out in 2D (in retro style no less).

I think MM9 is the type of game Nintendo was hoping to see people do with WiiWare. I mean, how often do fans use flash to put together their own fan sequels...some people even hack the ROMs to build their own custom titles.

I look at MM9 as that, but being done by the original creators...thus ensuring (At least I hope ensuring) that the game stays true to the original.