Mega Man 4 Race Has A Wild Ending

One of the best video game series to speedrun is Mega Man, a set of platformers about a blue robot who must fight against the evil entity who created him, Capcom.


The Mega Man games are full of interesting (but not totally gamebreaking) glitches and jumps that require pixel-perfect timing to execute correctly, which makes them extremely entertaining to watch. So it’s no surprise that the Mega Man 4 speedrun race was one of the best runs in this week’s Summer Games Done Quick marathon. (MM4 is also my personal favorite Mega Man, as I have many fond memories of getting to Dr. Cossack’s castle as a child and then never getting past the first stage.)

You can watch it all above. Cut to the 40-minute mark for some crazy ending theatrics.


(Special thanks to Kotaku reader popeadope for bringing this rad race to my attention. If you spot any other awesome SGDQ runs you think we should highlight, hit me up.)

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Two mostly unrelated questions:

1.) Is Megaman 10 worth playing? I enjoyed Megaman 9 (though I never actually beat the last few levels).

2.) Have there been any hacked together versions of Megaman 9 or 10 or NES? Everybody joked about it when Megaman 9 was released but I don’t remember hearing if it ever happened. I just recently picked up Retro City Rampage which was just ported to MS-DOS(!) and has an unfinished proof-of-concept for NES hardware so it’s been on my mind again.