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Mega Man 2 As Performed By The KU Winter Drumline

The Kansas University winter drumline lends credence the age-old belief that if you get together enough university students and percussion instruments, eventually an interpretive re-enactment of Mega Man 2 will break out.

For your viewing pleasure, we present the Kansas University winter drumline's performance of Mega Man 2. The costumes might be a bit thrown together and Mega Man does die towards the middle of the performance, but the drumming is excellent. At least I am assuming the drumming is excellent. Not really a drumline connoisseur, so I have to wing it. The video was sent to us from Bobby Blackwolf of The Bobby Blackwolf Show fame, who is friends with the drumline instructor at Kansas University. Bobby made said friend upload this, so if anyone is to blame it's him.


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I wish there was only one drummer behind a drum kit performing. When it's an whole army playing the same thing it didn't get as impressive as it should've been.