Meeting With the Board

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft

We launched our Kotaku Reader Editorial Board today and I think it went over swingingly.


The idea was to provide a place for Kotaku regulars to discuss Kotaku without having them clog up the comments in unrelated stories. It's also a great place for readers to ask the writers questions they have about the site.

I spent about two and a half hours in the forum answering questions and responding to suggestions. I think I hit most of them, though of course they're still rolling in. When I left I had responded to about 300, I think.

The biggest topic seemed to be the mechanics of how our commenting system works, something that is very much a work in progress and I would also love to see improved. But we also heard a good number of strong story and idea suggestions, all stuff I plan to look into.

It was a great, invigorating experience and almost entirely troll free. You do me proud Kotaku.


I also happened to spend today sitting shotgun in our van as we drove back from El Paso to Denver. Trish was at the wheel with Tristan and the dogs in the back. Just outside of Colorado we pulled into this great truck stop. It's weird, walking through the doors I almost felt like I was walking into the beginning of a cheap horror flick, something that leaves everyone but the strange cast of characters in the gas station dead.

Not that I want the world to end in an uprising of zombies or flash of a comet, but wouldn't that be cool. I'd even have three dogs to help out with the fight-to-the death showdown...


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