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Meet Your Pokémon Go Team Leaders

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

And now, here are the true faces behind Team Valor, Team Mystic, and Team Instinct.

What do you think? Still stand behind your choice? I for one am very happy with the design of Candela, though Spark might have tempted me a bit more had I known what he looked like.


The designs were revealed at the end of Niantic’s Pokémon Go panel at San Diego Comic-Con, where thousands of people gathered in the slim hope that maybe, just maybe, a legendary Pokémon might get released to celebrate the occasion. Alas, the whispers of a legendary were but a rumor.

Some other stuff touched on during the panel:

  • There are easter eggs that nobody has found yet (!)
  • They’re planning ways to customize Pokestops
  • Pokemon Centers are coming
  • There will be more functionality added to gyms, though the specifics aren’t clear
  • Niantic says the game is at about 10% of what they want it to be
  • They’re still discussing breeding, but nothing concrete in the works yet
  • The legendary birds are tied to teams in some way, as the original designs implied
  • Yep, they know about the three-step glitch. Still no word. Grr.
  • It sounds like we can’t expect legendaries until after the game has been released on all regions, which makes sense