At the 1:59 mark, you can see a crowd surrounding a Mewtwo display in Times Square. There’s also a countdown timer, during which the players can all attack Mewtwo at once. At the end, Mewtwo’s healthbar is depleted, and the entire crowd catches him.


An actual event tied to a place probably won’t look as epic, unless Niantic splurges on holograms or something. But otherwise, mechanically speaking, what the trailer presents seems within the realm of possibility. Actually, the trailer closely resembles what is already available at Pokémon gyms, where multiple players can team up and try to defeat a strong monster together. Legendary events seem to be the same thing, except on a grander scale.

What is unknown is whether or not a legendary like Mewtwo will be available in multiple different regions / areas, or if he will only be capturable in a single spot. Given that Pokémon Go is already drawing incredible crowds at unofficial events, and some players are willing to risk it all to capture non-legendaries, the thought of area-specific legendary seems absurd: an event would quickly get out of hand. But if a legendary is available in multiple places, that set-up would betray the idea behind legendaries in the first place. It’s a conundrum for Niantic, the developers. Niantic has experience running events for Ingress, their previous game, but Ingress was never as big as Pokémon Go.


Meanwhile, Pokémon Go players have been busy diving into the code, trying to figure out what is going on. NesstendoYT made headlines earlier this month when he claimed that every legendary was technically accounted for in Pokémon Go’s code even if they weren’t obtainable yet:

On Reddit, players have noted a few specific details about the code pertaining to the legendaries and Ditto. Here’s kylecito, with some of what he allegedly found:

Mewtwo does not have a BaseCaptureRate, only a FleeRate. This shows you shouldn’t be able to find Mewtwo wild, and it will probably be a sure capture when you fulfill the event’s requirements.

Mew is the ONLY “Mythic” type Pokemon at the moment.

Seems like all Pokemon have “family types”, apart from their species one. Wonder if they plan to implement breeding in the future?


UPDATE 1/5 12:05 PM: Ditto has now been caught.


UPDATE 7/26 12:49 AM: Welp, turns out the two videos below are fake, as FrozenAquaCat explains here. The other Pokemon Go players still allege that the rare monsters are at least mentioned in the code. Nonetheless, we apologize for not affording the spawn videos the same skepticism as the rest of the supposed player discoveries that people have made.

Another player, FrozenAquaCat, messed with Pokémon Go’s files and was able to force the game to spawn a Ditto:

“Through the modification of the Pokemon Go client, I was able to change the ID that shows up during an encounter from 13 (weedle) to 132 (ditto),” FrozenAquaCat wrote on the YouTube description. “The game currently crashes any time I attempt to throw a pokeball or do anything in the menu.”


In a follow-up video, FrozenAquaCat explains how he uses a Python script to force the game to change normal encounters into legendary ones. In the video below, he transforms a Rattata into a Zapdos by injecting code into a program in real time, as he plays the game on the PC.

The Zapdos that spawns has a CP of 753, but he can’t actually capture it. Still, it’s cool to see what these fabled rare monsters look like in-game.


There’s no telling when or how Niantic will officially introduce legendaries into Pokémon Go, but in the meantime, players will continue to keep themselves busy catching ‘em all. Well, most of ‘em.