This is Cullen Gray of NATO's International Security Force. He's going to be the lead performer in the upcoming SOCOM sequel. Sony published a small batch of screens, plus a profile of what makes the new Operations Commander tick.

Gray's profile says he possesses a service record that is "the stuff of legend" and has seen such vacation spots as North Korea, Algeria and Iran. He also went MIA in Southeast Asia for several months while on an "intelligence protection" mission during a civil war there. Think there's some battle scars, or at least a plot point, coming out of that?


"[P]sychologically his profile is something of a mystery. Generally exemplary before his rescue, routine profiling since shows that he became withdrawn and cynical, choosing to socialize little with colleagues and showing a distinct lack of empathy for those unwilling or unable to comply with his directives." Fun guy, this Gray.

The SOCOM Operations Commander [PlayStation.Blog]

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