Meet The Stars Of New Onechanbara Movie

This year, the cowboy-hat-bikini-wearin' zombie-slayin' Onechanbara movie is getting a sequel. We haven't heard much about it — until now.

Dubbed Chanbara Beauty THE MOVIE vorteX, the flick is apparently based on game by the same name. Starlet Eri Otoguro who played heroine Aya in the first film as well as the supporting cast have been replaced with pin-up model Yuu Tejima (NSFW), actress Kumi Imura (Safe For Work) and starlet Akari Ozawa (Very Boring). Hrm, we can't think of one reason why they replaced the Aya actress from the first film, let alone two reasons.

The vorteX sequel was filmed last December with Tejima bouncing around in a bikini in the cold.

"It was freezing. Because I do pin-up modeling, I think wearing a bathing suit is actual clothing, but that was a big mistake," she told reporters, laughing.

Since Tejima wields two dangerous weapons in the movie, she even studied sword fighting for two weeks. That's probably for the best, we wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.


Onechanbara THE MOVIE vorteX will be released on DVD in Japan on July 3. Have a sneak peak at the picture's box art.


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