Back in December 2014 I took a look at the first melding of two of my favorite toy properties, Pokemon and Good Smile Company’s big-headed Nendoroid line. Today we get to play with the latest addition to the line, the N Nendoroid, which is not easy to say at all.

The misguided but well-meaning leader of Team Plasma from Pokemon Black and White has never looked so adorable. Natural Harmonia Gropius (I’d go by N too if that were my name) joins the always out of stock Red and the quietly available Cynthia in The Pokemon Center’s lineup of smallish $50 Japanese imports.

I must also mention that during yesterday’s 20th anniversary celebrations a new version of Red went on sale. Where the original version of Red came packaged with Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander figures, the Champion version is the same figure packed with Venasaur (my video incarnation was right), Charizard and Blastoise. The bigger figures double the price to $99, but it hardly matters now. The figures sold out almost as soon as they went on sale.

But rather than bemoan another unavailable Red figure, let us celebrate a completely available N figure.


Decked out in his signature ball cap and bushy green ponytail, N here doesn’t come with quite as many accessories as Red. Only two faces are bundled with the package, along with a handful of arms, legs and joints. He only gets one Pokeball, but that’s because he only needs one. When you’ve got Reshiram packaged alongside you, no other Pokemon will do.

Reshiram! Return to your... okay, just hang out right there then.


I love the mint green and subdued shades of white and grey on N and his Pokemon companion. They’re a lovely contrast to Red, whose colorful entourage can be a bit much.

Move over, old boy.
Reshiram is not pleased.


It’s all about friendship.

As I mention in the video atop the post, the only problem with collecting Pokemon Nendoroid figures or any of Good Smile Company’s big-headed friends is the urge to purchase every single one, regardless of how familiar you are with the subject they represent.


Now that I’ve seen what Good Smile can do with individual articulated Pokemon (Reshiram’s head, tail, legs and wings all move) I’d love to see them do a line that’s just Pocket Monsters. After all, they’re the real star of the franchise.

No offense, Natural.


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