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Meet The Ladies Of Infamous 2

Illustration for article titled Meet The Ladies Of Infamous 2

Infamous 2's Cole will be joined by a pair of lovely lady co-stars in Sucker Punch's PlayStation 3 sequel, two representations of the game's karma system. Meet Kuo and Nix.


Nix, pictured above, is "a New Marais native that grew up in the swamps," complete with a burning hatred borne from the murder of her family. At night, she dances at Jabba's palace for tips. Not really. Nix is your "hedonistic guide that coaxes Cole into not thinking about the consequences of his actions," according to new Infamous 2 details from the

The other half of Cole's conscience is embodied in Kuo, an NSA agent working to help him defeat the Beast.

Illustration for article titled Meet The Ladies Of Infamous 2

She's the angel on Cole's shoulder. Depending on who's lead you follow, the temptress Nix or the level-headed Kuo, the world of Infamous 2 will change in line with your actions.

inFAMOUS 2 Unveil At The PlayStation Experience [ Europe]

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