Meet Portal 2's Wheatley, The Eye Who's A Guy

Today Valve releases the first in a series of videos covering the E3 demo for Portal 2. In the first portion we meet Wheatley, the personality sphere that's cuddlier than a companion cube, if that's even possible.

While Crecente briefly touched on Wheatley's first appearance during his Portal 2 preview during E3, I had no idea how charming the personality sphere with the British accent actually was until now.


As much as I enjoyed the solitude of the original game, I really like the idea of having an inept little comic-relief character tagging along for the sequel; a human voice from the most unlikely of sources.

"I think she likes you!"

Not by a long shot, Wheatley.

On one hand, I'm absolutely thrilled. On the other hand, this clip just makes the delay hurt that much more.

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