Donny Moore is in charge of determining player ratings in Madden (and rates them on Twitter, too). Sometimes he ranks people too high, and sometimes he ranks people way too low:

Giants punter Steve Weatherford was upset over his 45 strength rating. Strength might not be important for a punter, but Weatherford isn't a typical kicker.

"He's on the cover of some sort of fitness magazine," Moore said. "He looks like he should be in UFC. So, as a result of seeing that and reading some stories that he bench presses 400 pounds, I immediately boosted his strength rating up to 88."

Moore got an earful after rating Ravens offensive lineman Marshall Yanda as the 26th-toughest player in Baltimore.

"All his teammates were basically upset about it. Everybody's like, 'There's not 25 people in the world tougher than Marshall Yanda,'" Moore said. "So, that got my attention. And then there was a story written about him how he played on a broken leg. Same thing with a separated shoulder. So, I'm like, OK, yeah, this guy's tough. I'll move him up to a 98."

You can read more about the ratings process at the Denver Post. Bloomberg posted a video interview.


Plus the official site just posted an update on player ratings that changed as a result of preseason play. Notable highlight:

The Cleveland Browns quarterback competition is real. Newly named starting quarterback Brian Hoyer (78) fell one point in our first Madden NFL 15 roster update, but still edges out rookie sensation Johnny Manziel (77).


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