Meet Left 4 Dead 2's "Jockey" Infected

Illustration for article titled Meet Left 4 Dead 2s Jockey Infected

You've read about the horrific annoyance of Left 4 Dead 2's newest special infected, the Jockey, now see him standing very, very still, probably for the only time.

The Jockey joins the Charger and Spitter as the newest super infected in the Left 4 Dead universe, a Survivor driver who will steer players away from the group and toward, well, wherever he damn well pleases. Sounds like a huge pain in the ass, right up until the point when we get to play as the Jockey for ourselves. And then we'll laugh maniacally.


For our updated impressions of Left 4 Dead 2's newest campaign, Dark Carnival, make sure to check out Totilo's post from his recent visit to Valve HQ.

Oh, and did you know that images on Kotaku get bigger when you click on 'em? Pro tip!

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my god these graphics SUCK. I'm sorry, but this is trash.