You'd think The Pokemon Company would have gotten all of its Pokemon X and Pokemon Y news out during the major gaming trade show that just blew through, but no — the info train keeps rolling. Meet your trainer's pals, the first gym leader, and four new entries in the Kalos Region Pokedex.

Let's do this from left to right, starting with the humans. We've got Santalune City Gym Leader Viola, along with her big sister, Alexa. Viola plays with bugs. Then we've got your trainer's three friends from starting location Vaniville Town — the dance-happy Tierno, curious Trevor, and chipper Shauna.


Depending on the sex of your trainer, you'll also run into Serena or Calem, your next-door neighbor who you'll likely end up fighting over and over again.

On the Pokemon side of things we've got (again from left to right) the fairy type Flabébé; fire/normal Litleo, who is ridiculously adorable; and Scatterbug and Spewpa, a pair of bug type Pokemon on the evolutionary path to becoming the butterfly-like Vivillon.

Okay, The Pokemon Company — that's enough for now. We've got until October 12.