Meet Diablo III's First Paragon Level 100

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Diablo III's new "Paragon" system was brought in to give "maxxed out" players some more stuff to do. It's been working for most, I guess, but for Alkaizer the well has once again run dry, because his Barbarian character has managed to hit the game's new ceiling.


As you'd expect, it took a lot of furious clicking. For reference, to get to regular ol' level 60, you need 23 million XP. To get to a level 100 of the Paragon system, you need over 3 billion XP.


If that's not making you feel inadequate enough, check out his armory page. And look at his weapons.

Alkazier [Diablo III, via PC Gamer]

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I love how people condemn this game by saying it got boring after they beat it a "few" times. Any game that I can beat a few times before getting bored of it sounds pretty good to me.