If only more cosplayers could be like Dante. Dante the Samoyed doesn't care that he's dressed up as one of Capcom's most beloved characters. He's just pleased to smell all the nice people at Otakon. And occasionally lick his own privates.

Kotaku reader Volkodav has a very beautiful dog that just so happens to resemble the lead character from Capcom's Okami, sans food-coloring markings and hand-crafted accessories. Being rather handy with cosplay materials, Volkodav made the bits that didn't look like Amaterasu, affixed them to Dante, and presto — instant wolf god.

But Dante doesn't know that he is portraying a wolf god. He's just pleased to be alive and canine, surrounded by friendly people and pleasant smells. I bet he doesn't even have a rehearsed pose for when folks stop him for photographs. That's not the sign of an amateur; that's the sign of an authentic Amaterasu.

Hit up the link below to see how the magical transformation occured, along with choice bits of animal cosplay wisdom, for example: "I do not recommend trying this with a cat."

Amaterasu Cosplay Build [Practical Evil - More pics at Deviant Art]

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