1Up's reporting from TGS that Media Molecule cofounder Alex Evans hisself "let slip" that all those awesome LittleBigPlanet beta user-created levels we've been seeing will in fact make the transition into the full final game. This countermands MM's Leo Cubbin, who two weeks ago said they wouldn't. 1Up points out that this means the game ships with a library of user content all ready for the LBP community to tap on the first day of release. That's probably why Media Molecule changed its tune. Finally, Evans said Media Molecule is watching this poll about user-created beta levels, over at the LBP official blog, so if you have a feeling about this or other feedback, go make it known. I'm not sure who would be against this, or why. More content's better, right? LittleBigPlanet Beta Levels Will Carry Over to Retail Version [1Up via Nextgn.Com. thanks reader Jared]