Media critic Anita Sarkeesian, in collaboration with other activists, has published Speak Up & Stay Safe, a guide to navigating harassment on the Internet. Even if you’ve been lucky enough to never deal with harassment, it’s a great reference guide to avoid sharing too much about yourself on the Internet, and to determine how much is already out there. (A lot, as you’ll soon learn!)


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“This guide is for anyone who fears they might be targeted, or who is already under attack, for speaking their mind online, but is especially designed for women, people of color, trans and genderqueer people, and everyone else whose existing oppressions are made worse by digital violence.”

I mean, this looks like a good resource, but could they lay off the rhetoric for like one minute?


How is it “especially” for those people more than the one group they didn’t include in that umbrella?

(you know, the one that rhymes with skate-bite-whales)