And here we have it. It's the video for "Castle of Glass" that Linkin Park made especially to help EA sell copies of Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

I've already said my piece about this mortifying promotional campaign, and how much I wish it had never happened at all.


I don't doubt that plenty of people's hearts were in the right place on this one. And hey, at least there's no in-game footage in the video. (Oh god, there totally is in-game footage in the video.) It's never a bad thing to honor the troops, especially those who have given their lives in defense of our country. But I also don't doubt that EA would very much like to sell millions of copies of Medal of Honor, and I know what it looks like when a company wraps their product in the flag in the interest of self-promotion.

Warfighter will be out soon, and we can see for ourselves whether the game truly honors fallen soldiers or not; whether its tin-eared promotional campaign was an isolated issue, or a reflection of the game itself.

In the meantime… well... here's a music video.

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