This is the GIF art of 28 year-old Serbian artist Milos "Sholim" Rajkovic. His work takes seemingly bland, but ubiquitous individuals and packs their heads with mechanical parts. The result is surreal.

"[The] models for my GIFs are politicians, corporate people, or just pretty faces from the commercials that we watched hundreds of times during a day and who have no identity and personality," Rajkovic told the Daily Dot (via Laughing Squid).

"So I just remove their faces to have [a] close look at what's inside," Rajkovic added. "In some way I explore and make them uglier to give them some human beauty."



Rajkovic says he's inspired by surreal art and aims to make something that is not only meaningful, but both funny and scary at the same time. Mission accomplished.


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Tumblr newcomer is already a premier shock artist [DailyDot via Laughing Squid]

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