Missed out on some those fan-favorite Meat Bun tees introduced last year? A trio of bestsellers rise from their grave today, redesigned and reprinted as part of the Meat Bun DX line. Plus, there's good news for the plus-sized.

Finally, after numerous requests, we've added roomier extra extra large sizes, so towering Fahey-proportioned types with a penchant for sporting their video game fandom on their sleeves can feel more comfortable. That includes the new stuff, like the Famicom-colored Nintendo Four shout out and the newer, velvetier Agro Polo homage.

Attendees of the Kotaku E3 2009 party got a sneak peek at this stuff months ago, but our new stuff is now available to the general public at the online store. Have at it!

Meat Bun Online Store [Meat Bun]