Meal Gear Solid Fan-Film Is All About Cardboard Boxes

Instead of "Punished Snake" or dramatic monologues in the rain, Fury Fingers' Metal Gear short focuses on another aspect of the series.


The enemy soldiers in this one chose the worst possible HQ—a warehouse full of Snake's favorite infiltration aid: cardboard boxes.

There's behind the scenes footage as well with CG tanks and CG boxes.

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Hiding in boxes like this works! True Story. I once worked in an IT department office with 10 people. No cubicles, just a huge office with 10 tables. By coincidence I had such a box next to my table (we received some equipment that day and took it out of the box). I was administering some systems when it struck me: this, right here, is the MGS box!

Next thing you know, I slowly sneak in under the box (while the colleagues continued being mesmerised by their screens) and waited. People stood up, were asking for me ("Huh? He must have stepped out for a minute"), walked right by me (in the box) and never thought or noticed that I was inside.

Then I decided to move with the box bit by bit. I changed the location by a good metre. Nothing! No one noticed. Finally I got annoyed, popped out with "Really? No one? I'm in the f****** box, people!".

Then I had to tell the story of the MGS box - I know, zero MGS players in the office. What a bunch of a-holes.