You know how sometimes anime characters have mouths on the side of their faces? Does that bother you? Or are you totally cool with that?

Recently on 2ch, Japan's largest internet forum, a thread disc popped up on how this anime mouth style is "upsettingly gross." Below, you can see the drawing the original commenter used to illustrate the point:

On the left it reads "normal" (普通 or futsuu), and on the right it says, "irritatingly creepy" or "upsettingly gross" (むかつくキモイ or mukasuku kimoi).


Some commenters thought this style of mouth illustration was okay if it was cute. Like so:

Others thought the side mouth made them feel discomfort, and pointed to examples where normal mouth was used instead.

Here is a realistic portrayal of the mouth showed from a three-quarters angle. I guess this is the "correct" way to portray side mouth?

"Man, it's anime," wrote one commenter. "Let this slide." I kinda agree! So does Sonic:

See, Sonic agrees.

Showing characters' mouths like this is not new and has existed for a long, long time in both anime and manga.


This is anime, so whatever, right? As long as it's not real-life side mouth. That is utterly terrifying.

こういう作画のアニメむかつくよな [2ch]

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