As you watch this video Snacktaku review for McDonald's new Mighty Wings, try not to think about how horribly sick I feel the day after recording it. I sure am.

I am not saying that McDonald's take on America's favorite way to consume birds is directly responsible for me running to the restroom every fifteen minutes to violently expel things from various human expulsion ports. I did have some budget fruit snacks and tater tots last night. My children did too, and they seem fine, but everyone knows children have completely different physiologies.


Either way, I cannot pin the blame on my sickness on these thickly-breaded, harshly-seasoned wings. I can, however, blame them for the burning, which persists long past dinner time and into the next morning, if you know what I mean.

Snacktaku is Kotaku's take on the wild and wonderful world of eating things, but not eating meals. Eating meals is for those with too much time on their hands. Past critiques can be found at the Snacktaku review archive.

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