Maybe you've heard of 2048? The folks at Grantland have, including the popular smartphone game in a new list of media recommendations while almost entirely glossing over the fact that 2048 is a derivation of a clone of the well-liked game Threes. Well, Threes does get to be an oblique punchline at the end of the piece, so there's that.

App Store cloning continues to be a complex issue, but it'd be nice to see the original work get some recognition beyond a tossed-in joke. Especially when the original is really, really good.

Update: Grantland has added an editor's note to the article, which reads as follows:

Editor's note: This review was edited for conciseness in a manner that unintentionally came off as insensitive to the creators of Threes, a game widely considered to be the inspiration for 2048. We encourage everyone to check out their statement about the copycats, and Threes itself as well.

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So I played 2048 (or perhaps it was 1024) for less than 5 minutes, and decided I had better things to do with my time. Am I missing something? It's a pretty damn basic game, I wouldn't be that angry if someone cloned the idea of squashing numbers together in a grid off me. It's hardly the next Sudoku (not that that is earth shattering either really but the idea is a little more complex than powers of 2). It reminds me a bit of Money Puzzle Exchange, which I preferred, and in my mind was much more of a "game". It just feels like another time waster for me, what am I missing?