Fairly or unfairly, Star Wars creator George Lucas is often pegged as public enemy number one for a variety of reasons. But for sci-fi author David Brin, there's another baddie: Yoda.

Brin, a NASA consultant and a Dreamcast game scribe, has discussed his distaste for both Lucas' work and the Jedi Master on multiple occasions—such as in Star Wars on Trial. Recently, he told Wired:

I consider Yoda to be just about the most evil character that I've ever seen in the history of literature. I have gotten people into tongue-tied snits unable to name for me one scene in which Yoda is ever helpful to anybody, or says anything that's genuinely wise. "Do or do not, there is no try." Up yours, you horrible little oven mitt! "Try" is how human beings get better. That's how people learn, they try some of their muscles, or their Force mechanism heads in the right direction, that part gets reinforced and rewarded with positive feedback, which you never give. And parts of it get repressed by saying, "No, that you will not do!" It is abhorrent, junior high school Zen. It's cartoon crap.


Tell us what you really think, David! In the rest of the Wired interview, the author also discusses his brand new novel, Existence, among other topics. More in the link below.

Why David Brin Hates Yoda, Loves Radical Transparency [Wired]

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