Maybe This Is One Reason the Stimulus Package Cost So Much

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At $3 per map, it was fair to ask what else you get for your money with the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package. The answer, apparently, is a big-ass marketing campaign.


In the U.K. at least, Activision has spent £1m to flack the game online and over TV throughout the Easter weekend, MCV reported.

Spending that much to market DLC is something of a milestone, showing it can and will be pushed as hard, comparatively speaking, as a game itself. Suppose that means we can look forward to more such DLC marketing - and the premium prices it commands.

DLC Goes Mainstream with £1m MW2 Push [MCV]

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Everybody hates Activision on hoe they treat us, but at the end, everybody buy their games.

That's why Activision doesnt gives a shit about what we say or could say, they know that at the very end, all the FPS lovers will be getting their over priced DLC, no matter what.

Is the "domino effect", in which, you dont want the new DLC, but you enjoy playing with your friends online, then, your friends get the DLC, and because of that, you cant play with them anymore (because they now play on the NEW maps). What do you do? R= get the DLC.