Maybe The Greatest Music Video About An Arcade Cabinet...Ever

Not that there are a ton of music videos about arcade cabinets. There should be, however.


That's retro game lover Keith Apicary singing an ode to the red Neo-Geo Multi Video System cabinet. This video is so right: No one quite did 2D fighters or runnin-and-gunnin' like the MVS.

Music by FantomenK, lyrics by Nathan Barnatt (aka Keith Apicary) and retro awesomesauce by the MVS.


Released in 1990, the MVS could run six different arcade titles as games ran off ROM cartridges. Stand out titles include (but are not limited to) The King of Fighters '94, Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown.

An epic rap tribute to the Neo-Geo arcade cabinet [I Heart Chaos]

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Manly McBeeferton

I really, really don't get this guy. and I am not trying to be mean or anything when I say this, but...

Is he deliberately acting like he has downs syndrome or something? Or does he really have some kind of illness? Because it's hard to tell.

Personally, I think the video is just annoying. Like another video by him that I watched that was about the GBA.

(He speaks the truth, though.)