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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reckon Microsoft will hold off on massive job cuts. But analysts speaking to Reuters think otherwise, and believe the company will lay off between 6000 and 8000 workers.


And that might just be a start. While those numbers would put a dent in the company's 95,000-strong workforce, McAdams Wright Ragen analyst Sid Parakh said their "checks" (ie speaking with sources inside Microsoft) revealed there might be "a second round of cuts in some groups sometime later in the year".


This puts a number on the whispers that were being reported on last week.

Course, Microsoft is a big company. And the Xbox guys only make up a small part of it, so they might sail on through totally unaffected. Then again, they might not. We'll find out later this week, as their financial results are due on Thursday.

Microsoft expected to cut jobs as profit weakens [Reuters]

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