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Maybe it Wasn't a Good Idea to Let Players Fight Each Other to Run a Video Game

Illustration for article titled Maybe it Wasnt a Good Idea to Let Players Fight Each Other to Run a Video Game

New MMO Tera isn't just notable for its lavish visuals, it's also trying something new with its endgame. Those getting to the pointy end of the game can be elected as a member of the "Vanarch", Tera's in-game parliament.


Players are elected to the office, and once there can mess with all kinds of in-game variables like toggling player-vs-player combat and imposing taxes.

A recent change to Tera meant that a Vanarch could be elevated to the position via faction combat. In other words, the game's sides could duke it out and the winning side gets to promote someone to Vanarch.


Which sounds wonderful in theory, but of course once it hit the real world it all falls apart. Factions have begun creating what are essentially dummy groups that do nothing but get killed, creating duplicitous cannon fodder in the name of easy kills, and thus an easy road to power.

See, humanity, this is why your MMOs can't have nice things.

Kill Trading for Vanarch [Tera, via Massively]

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At this point, it's kind of inexcusable that no one thought of that. Every game that offered meaningful, tangible bonuses in PvP has been exploited. Flight clubbing, win trading, carrying for money and so on. The moment humans control both sides of the equation, some one will find a way to cheat it.