Max Payne Reviewer Thinks No One Cries Over Video Game Deaths

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Film critics, what are we gonna do with you? Look, we apologize that you're forced to sit through a few godawful video game to movie adaptations each year, but we loathe them with every fiber of our collective beings too. But you can't make blanket statements like this, Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel. In his review of the new Max Payne movie, which he pans like everyone else, Moore writes "But as good as a couple of its action beats are, Max still suffers from the heartlessness that makes games emotionally inferior to movies. Nobody ever shed a tear over a video-game character's death." Oh, Roger. A simple Google search for "I cried when Aeris died" shows just how wrong you are. Even I... have a friend whose tear ducts were fit to blow near the end of Shadow of the Colossus. Shit on Max Payne 'til your heart's content, but realize we're a sensitive lot. *sniff* Movie review: Max Payne — 2 out of 5 stars [Orlando Sentinel - thanks, Dylan!]


Project Thanatos

My shrink said we dont talk about my beloved Aeris anymore. It makes me go Sephiroth mad and want to kill things.

Please do not mention that moment again.